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Trepte Construction Company, Inc. can provide a variety of solutions for clients’ consulting needs. William Gabrielson, President of Trepte Construction provides expert witness testimony for various construction claims. Mr. Gabrielson is experienced in construction litigation support as a consultant and expert witness for issues of: standard of care, cost estimating, breach of contract and safety. He has also been involved in many complex reconstruction and repair projects. For Mr. Gabrielson’s CV, please follow this link.

Insurance Claims

Trepte has provided expert services for homeowners, insurance adjusters, and attorneys to assist in resolving disputes from insurance coverage to damage. Trepte offers cost estimating services for disputes relating to insurance claims.

Construction Defect

Trepte Construction Company, Inc. can provide expert witness services for our client’s construction defect litigation cases. We can provide cost estimating, constructability review, and standard of care testimony. We have worked extensively on behalf of property owners, developers, general contractors, subcontractors, HOA’s, and attorneys in these cases and have provided positive resolution for our clients.

Personal Injury

Trepte has handled a variety of injury claims relating to construction projects. We can provide services to review construction documents, contracts, depositions and exhibits to provide the best possible resolution for our clients. We can also provide expert witness testimony regarding standard of care.